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Born with a good taste of fashion

Sphiwe Thwala(28) from Ngwelezane is making waves across KZN, Durban in particular with his clothing line “Swenka Gvng” which is appealing to the young generation and lifestyle orientated people.

Sphiwe is a product of Phesheya Primary School and Old Mill High School. During his high school days he describes himself as a cool and fun guy, almost everyone at Old Mill High School knew him. He was popular for his good taste in fashion. Though he was not into academic excellence he excelled and loved Arts & Culture, it resonated with what he believed and in a way it inspired his career later on. He also participated in extra mural activities like Ballroom and Latin American dance.

His love for fashion dates back when he was still a minor, it was her Mother that instilled the love for fashion. He recall exciting times as a young boy going out shopping with her Mom, it was exciting because her Mom will always pick the right outfits all the time. His Mom played a huge role in instilling the love for fashion, interesting enough when his Mother was younger they use to call her “MaFashion” because of her exquisite taste in fashion.

Being raised by a fashion fanatic inspired him to start his own label at high school at that time it was called “Swenka” what is now known as “Swenka Gvng”.

The brand is growing day by day and sometimes growth can be demanding, so i asked Sphiwe his secret to remain relevant and keeping up with times, this is what he had to say “Getting support from the community nothing beats that, getting a phone call from someone saying they need iSwenka Gvng merchandise that alone makes my day instantly. Having friends that support, giving me pointers here and there. And the fact that iam a social butterfly really works in my favour because it also have an impact on my brand going big since I am m able to socialise with people and preach the good word of iSwenka Gvng!”

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