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20 years in the entertainment industry and still going strong

Mfanafuthi Ngobese popular known as DJ Futter is one of pioneers in the entertainment industry at the City of uMhlathuze and KZN at large. His career kicked started back in 2002 when no believed that you can actually make money out of music and entertainment at Ngwelezane. He was introduced to being a deejay by Bheki Bram alongside with DJ Rice. Mr Jomo Biyela and Nkanyiso Khumalo played a huge role in shaping DJ Futter’s career, as he would utilize their Sound System to master his craft.

The rise of Professor and Durban finest inspired DJ Futter to take his entertainment career serious. Even though at that time Deejays were still struggling with securing gigs due to lack of entertainment venues. The common events that required Deejays were house parties and street bash that were hosted by the middle class at the Townships. It was only in 2006 when he was introduced to the Club scene through the establishment of clubs around EMpangeni, the likes of Upstairs and 60’s Lounge that were popular to the millennium at that time.

To perfect his craft he entered various Deejay competitions that were hosted by popular brands, Sminorff hosted it competition at Durban in 2009, Coca Cola hosted theirs at Johannesburg in 2011 and Red Square hosted it competition at Mpumalanga in 2013. The competition provided DJ Futter a much needed exposure as they were hosted in various provinces, Cities and Townships thus putting him in a position to entertain the new audience that he was not familiar with.

When he came back from Mpumalanga around 2013 his hometown Ngwelezane was now a home to a vibrant and popular club that attracted hundreds of visitors from outside Ngwelezane called Enuf Café, EMpangeni’s nightlife was also on the rise with the introduction of Wave Café and Richards Bay was also doing well with it nightlife experience. Mfanafuthi quickly settled in and he was amongst the experienced and preferred deejay. He regard Enuf Café as the highlight of his career.

What set DJ Futter apart from other Deejays, especially Deejays that specializes in south african house music known as i Qgomu is his ability to collect exclusive music from talented durban producers who are not popular yet who produce quality music. He also gives credit to DJ Sox for also giving him exclusive music.

Just before Covid hit the music industry negatively, DJ Futter was dominating the nightlife scene in various Clubs across the City of uMhlathuze. He was getting constant bookings from backstage Lounge, Neighborhood shisanyama and Ngadini. While he was enjoying being a resident deejay ah at Gesh Lounge, SSS and Kwa Boy at Ngwelezane.

With the world slowly getting back to what it use to be, DJ Futter is still relevant 20+ years later with clubs like Cloud 7 Lifestyle, Gesh, Kwa Boy, SSS and many other establishments still preferring DJ Futter as their resident deejay.


Dj Futters favorite artists/producers: Cruel Boys, Spykos, Percy

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