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Eco Champion


Zwonaka poultry & agricultural farming started in March 2015 and is suited at Tshivhilwi village in Thohoyandou. We start our company by growing chickens from chicks until they get ready to go for markets. We attracted some small numbers of consumers around the villages and even in townships. We have …

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The narrowed space between Sexual Consent & Passiveness


There is a thin line between consent and passiveness that is often misconstrued during a sexual encounter between two people or more whom are romantically linked. In most cases, the one party would misinterpret the other party’s passiveness or submissiveness for consent and this would leave the latter feeling conflicted between whether or …

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The poultry sector is in safe hands!

Seo Mtetwa, Managing Director of Nu Dawn Eggs

In 2001 Pioneer Foods sold Majority Stake of Nulaid Eggs to its African employees. A group of 5 employees bought the stake of the company.  In 2008 they gained 100% ownership of the company from Pioneer Foods. “It better to be in control of our own destination” Seo Mtetwa taking …

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Diabetes week! Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is the disease where your blood glucose ( source of energy obtained from your food) is too high, when insulin ( hormone that regulate glucose to get in the cell to be utilized as energy) is not working properly you can have diabetes.  There is an …

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Back Awareness

Back pain is one of the most common conditions leading to disability or chronic medication, it can be caused by a lot of things including lifting too much too soon also with an incorrect technique, prolonged sitting and lying down,  having to sleep in an old mattress, overworking , obesity …

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