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Dikole section youth turns a dumping site into a Car wash facility

The Clean City Ward 49 brigades weekly clean up routine in Venus street, Dikole Section was met with a wonderful idea to renovate one of the local spaces which used to be a dump site before changes were made in cleaning up the facility there.

A group of gentlemen from the area who continually commended the improvements made by the Clean City members decided to take the initiative to use the once dumpsite now Car Wash facility to bring about positive changes to the community . The newly developed entreprenueal Car Wash in Dikole section also sells local goods to its community providing more services to ensure the is no scarcity of services and goods in the area.
“Our team is responsible for picking up litter and putting them in refuse bags that are then collected. We sometimes use spades if required to complete the task at hand based on the amount of litter”


Experience is the best teacher of skills, hence this has generally ensured a positive delegation in coaching the best team work action activities. But strangely one of the best ways to build teamwork skills is being a good listener which is why the mini discussions held produce a great influence to every employee.

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