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Ngwelezane Township is going green!

The youth of Ngwelezane which is made up of business owners, influencers and environmental activists have joined forces in rectifying the waste Management crisis in Ngwelezane. Everywhere where the is a Skip (Bin) there is a crisis with waste management , those areas are normally turned into illegal dumping sites.

The business community of Ngwelezane condemns the high level of littering and poor systems that suppose to deal with this matter.  The crisis have a negetive impact in businesses operating in Ngwelezane and it also kills the tourism of the Township.

The youth have organized themselves with one vision of keeping their township clean. The organisation have made friends with Reliving Cop17 Organization which deals with the recycling business. The organisation will continue making friends with the private sector, public sector and NGO’s who have the same vision of greening Ngwelezane.

The aim is to turn all these illegal dumping areas and potential illegal dumping sites into recreational areas or small little gardens. Rehabilitating these areas will encourage the community not to litter.img_9848

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