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Ngwelezane Spaza Shop owners are joining forces to expand their outlets

The Spaza Shops sector which is worth Billions of Rands is in the hands of foreign nationals in Ngwelezane.

The domination of this sector by the foreign nationals happened right in front of our eyes because we took the sector for granted. Maybe because the South Africans who owned Tuck Shops at that time failed because they were overpowered by their new rivals who came with the system of buying in bulk which systematically kicked South African owned Spaza Shops out of business because they couldn’t keep up with the super low prices from their competitors.

The merging of Ngwelezane Spaza Shops owners will give the competitors a run for their money.  This consortium will focus on buying in bulk thus qualifying for massive discounts which will make their prices very competitive,  it will also focus on creating a strong brand identity for these chain stores and most importantly providing good quality products. This sector will be managed and operated like a big corporation that it is, hence the consortium will ensure that all systems are in place to maintain the current shops while expanding to other locations.

uMhlanga Shopping Centre in Ngwelezane is a perfect example of a successful convenience shop that is operated by a South African. Nathi Msane who is the owner of this outlet have decades of experience in the retail industry,  he was working for a wholesaler for years. He is now using his expertise to service the people of Ngwelezane. With his years of experience and a template on running a successful Convenience shop, he can surely empower other South Africans with required skills and expertise to run a successful Spaza Shop.

The ultimate goal for this group is to see Ngwelezane Shopping Complex (ezitolo) functioning properly and servicing the needs of the people of Ngwelezane and most importantly to have it under the ownership and control of Ngwelezane Citizens.

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