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We will regain full control and ownership of our Township Economy!

Covid19 has taught us to appreciate where we come from. Majority of us are back home during this Lockdown period. The big question is, are you happy with the ownership of the economic activities in your area?

The only thing that we are left with in our Townships are the tarvens, Shisa Nyamas and Taxi’s. What about the  Spaza Shops,  Landscaping companies, laundry services, salons and other common services?  The Somalians, Mozambicans and Zimbabweans are now dominating the space, rightfully so because truth be told we have been sleeping for a while. Maybe the only good thing that this Covid19 can do is to wake us up!!

Our Tuck Shops went out of business because we saw each other as competitors instead of complimenting each other.  The Somalians can set up 10 tuckshops in a period of 1 month and keep them going for decades. When they buy they buy in bulk and they all use one company, by so doing they automatically qualify for massive discounts which makes them very competitive in their pricings.

Landscaping business is another solid business which is now in the hands of Mozambicans, i am not sure what inspired the shift.

Than we have big shopping Complexes that are normally next to the rank. In most of the Townships those buildings are now under the control of Chinese and Pakistanis.

In our own Townships we no longer trade amongst each other. The money no longer move from one black hand to another. We have turned into typical consumers. We are not in control of our economy since we are not participating.

As soon as the Lockdown Period is over we must invest home. Invest in your township. Help existing entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and set up new innovative businesses in our Townships. It easy to monitor businesses in the townships.

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