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Your Sundays will never be the same again, thanks to Waterfront Lounge!

Sundays are for taking it easy, have your exclusive wine or any of your favourite drink if you are not a wine person, eat deliciois food, enjoy good company and a little bit of constructive but relaxed conversations.

Waterfront Lounge is situated in Tuzi Gazi Waterfrontn(Richards Bay) offers that experience throughout the whole week but on Sundays they excel to give you the best Sunday Sundowner Experience by the waterfront which is something exclusive to have a restaurant right opposite the ocean.

Last week they hosted Mbuso Khoza who is an international figure in the Music sector, the event attracted the market that loves wine, good food and good music.

The Restaurant which is big on sea food and wine promises to have more Sunday sessions that will offer nothing but the best when it comes to the whole Sunday experience.

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