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Tips of building a solid brand according to Gcinile Mbhele

Gcinile Mbhele of Rural Dol

The sky is a limit to Gcinile Mbhele who owns her own beauty business (Rural Dol) despite coming from deep rural areas of Bergville. She used her background as a motivation and inspiration to fight for her dreams. Her company name shows how proud she is about being a rural girl, to many being a rural girl might seem as an obstacle but Gcinile used her experience of growing up in Bergville as the backbone and pillar of Rural Dol. It was through her experience of growing up in Bergville that made her learn the importance of UBUNTU, intergrity, honesty and respect.

Here is what Gcinile Mbhele had to say to about building a solid brand during her talk at the Drakensberg Extravaganza Fashion & Film Meets Tourism Summit 2019

1) Find a culture for your brand. How do you want your brand to be remembered?

2)  Believe in your idea and run with it!

3) Take your self serious

4) Respect yourself and teach people to respect you

5) Fight for your dreams and Seek for help

6) Respect & Maintain Relations

7) Find a mentor

8) Always have a story behind your brand and success


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