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Deejay Nqobzin Celebrates a Decade in the music industry!

Last weekend was on fire, i couldnt update you about what really went down on that weekend where we celebrated 10years of Deejay Nqobzin in the game.

Since the weekend ended on the 10th we saw that it was best for Deejay Nqobzin to activate his series of events that serves as the build up to the main celebration that will happen on the 10th month this year.

Each event he needed to play 2h30hr, so by the time we finish his tour he would have already done 10hours of music. The series of events started with the Phuza Thirsday at Backstage Lounge. There can only be ONE Official Phuza Thirsday and it hosted at Backstage Lounge so we couldnt go else where but Backstage! We than moved to Wave Sport Cafe on Friday, Friday Nights belongs to Wave Cafe no doubt about that, on Saturday we had no choice but to shut ESK down at Engadini Lifestyle man oh man what a Vibey place! it one of those places where you know once you in the is no going home until the sun comes out! We than closed our tour on a very high note at Neighbourhood shisa Nyama with the Live Music, it official Sundays belongs to Neighbourhood Shisanyama!

Deejay Nqobzin was supported by Deejay Yves Mlu throughout, Jabulane Shandu Ematshane was there as well throughout the whole tour and a whole lot more of other household brands who have been in the game for a very long time.


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